April 16, 2024

Representative David Trone has issued an apology after using a racial slur during a budget hearing.

According to the Associated Press, the Maryland Congressman who is running for Senate said he inadvertently used the offensive term in place of another word.

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As Trone passionately stated corporate tax rates did not affect how he conducted business, he used the word ‘jigaboo’. In his apology, he clarified that he mixed up the term with the word ‘bugaboo.’

“While attempting to use the word ‘bugaboo’ in a hearing, I used a phrase that is offensive. That word has a long dark terrible history. It should never be used any time, anywhere, in any conversation.”

Additionally, he acknowledged how his race gives him an advantage, and with that comes responsibility.

“I recognize that as a white man, I have privilege. And as an elected official, I have a responsibility for the words I use — especially in the heat of the moment. Regardless of what I meant to say, I shouldn’t have used that language.”

See the video of him using the slur below.

Trone Using The Offensive Term

The 68-year-old used the derogatory term after welcoming a Black woman Shalanda Young, to the hearing. She heads the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Trone didn’t seem to catch his error as he spoke and continued to talk about President Biden’s tax policies, as reported in the New York Post.

But X, formerly known as Twitter users, were quick to notice his mistake.

Trone is a Democrat currently running to replace retiring Senator Ben Cardin in the Senate, however, he has some competition. Angela Alsobrooks is running against him. If elected, she would become the state’s first Black U.S. Senator.

Could his blunder affect Black people casting their ballot for him?

The U.S. Census reports that Black people are one-third of Maryland’s population, which has a sizable Democratic base. Prince George’s County is reportedly one the richest majority-Black counties in the United States.

Alsobrooks is the chief executive of Prince George’s County.

Whether Trone or Alsobrooks wins the Democratic primary, they will most likely go head to head with Republican former Governor Larry Hogan to succeed retiring Democratic Senator Ben Cardin.

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