April 13, 2024

DJ Boof, formerly of ‘The Wendy Williams Show,’ is now weighing in on the TV host’s health battle and guardianship amid her recently released Lifetime documentary. As The Shade Room previously reported, the two-part documentary aired over the weekend.

Additionally, it gave viewers a transparent look into the medical struggles of Wendy Williams.

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DJ Boof Speaks On Working With Wendy Williams & Finding Her “Unresponsive”

The DJ appeared on TMZ for a live interview, which aired on Monday, February 26. During the conversation, Boof was asked if any of the ‘Wendy Show’ staff were aware of her health struggles around the time she fainted during a live show in 2017.

Additionally, the TMZ crew asked if ‘Wendy Show’ executives had any conflicts with Williams’ family in prioritizing her “best” interests.

“To that point, I don’t think no one knew exactly to the extent how bad it was. I felt like people knew something was up with her, but they didn’t really know,” he explained. “I knew it because I’ve been around it. It’s sad to see something like that happen to her — she needs help. She needs help.”

As the conversation continued, TMZ hosts mentioned Boof finding Williams “unresponsive” sometime around the COVID-19 pandemic. From there, they asked the DJ to elaborate on what he felt was happening at that time.

“There was a day and she wasn’t herself, and I called her son… You know, I couldn’t handle that. I couldn’t make those decisions,” he explained. “So I called the closest person who I knew, who speak to a lot — was her son… was Kevin at that time.”

The DJ Speaks On The Relationship Between Williams’ Guardian & Family

At that point in the conversation, the TMZ hosts mentioned recent allegations made by Williams’ family. According to PEOPLE, Williams’ family members have alleged they were “kept in the dark” about her recent health diagnoses of aphasia and dementia amid being physically kept away from the TV host since her guardianship began in May 2022.

The TMZ hosts asked Boof whether he’s been able to maintain his relationship with Wendy Williams.

“I speak to Wendy,” Boof shared. “I don’t know if they speak to her as much as I do. But the last time I spoke to her was like a month ago… I don’t think it’s her not keeping them in a loop. I think it could be the guardianship that’s not letting them know what’s going on.”

Ultimately, Boof reflected on being transparent with Williams about her alcoholism and shared that he believes it would be in her best interest to be “around her family” with “24-hour care” in Florida.

Watch his full statements below.

Wendy Williams has family & friends worried about her well-being in the new Lifetime doc “Where is Wendy Williams?” Her Wendy Williams Show DJ @DJBOOF came on TMZ Live to talk about when he realized her health was deteriorating and what help she needs going forward. pic.twitter.com/ZEY1LL9CIo

— TMZ Live (@TMZLive) February 26, 2024

Steve Wilkos & Dr. Phil Weighed In On The ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ Documentary

As The Shade Room previously reported, fellow TV host Steve Wilkos weighed in with his thoughts on the ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ documentary over the weekend. At the time, he expressed being “heartbroken” for Williams.

Additionally, he explained that he believes the documentary did not “do any good” for her.

“First off, let me say I’m a huge Wendy Williams fan. I love Wendy Williams — I was on her show numerous times [and] Wendy treated me great… so I’m all in Wendy Williams’ corner,” he explained. “But what I watched last night on that show disturbs me because I don’t think it does any good for Wendy. It doesn’t make her look good. She obviously has big-time struggles, medical conditions, and addiction. And what they’re showing is somebody is not protecting her.”

Furthermore, Dr. Phil has also spoken out with his thoughts on the two-part series.

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