April 13, 2024

Five years ago, the custody battle between recording artist Kevin McCall and actress Eva Marcille reached a heartbreaking climax when McCall lost custody of their daughter, Marley Rae. Marley was later adopted by Eva’s ex-husband, Atlanta attorney Michael Sterling, adding another layer of complexity to their family dynamics.

This week, Eva took to Instagram to celebrate Marley’s 10th birthday, expressing her joy and gratitude for the precious milestone. In her heartfelt post, Eva praised Michael Sterling for being an exceptional father figure to Marley, emphasizing his unwavering love and support.

Eva’s touching tribute triggered a response from Kevin McCall, who shared his own emotional message on Instagram. In his heartfelt post, McCall expressed his deep love and longing for his daughter, vowing to overcome any obstacle to be reunited with her. Despite the challenges he has faced, McCall remained determined to be the father and man of God that Marley needs.

Eva wrote on her instagram:

“Today our sweet angel Marley Rae Sterling turns 10. As I type with eyes full of tears I’m overwhelmed with this beautiful day. Marley is my rainbow baby, she’s saved me. Watching her grow has been the highlight of my life and we’ve spend a decade together already (a decade). I’m gagged, my baby is a big girl!!! @miketsterling thank you for being the best daddy any girl could EVER ask for she’s not little anymore! Happy 10th birthday my Cha Cha, aka Beans aka my Marley Rae of sunshine ”

This caused Marly’s dad Kevin to return with his own response on Instagram:

“Ain’t no Mountain High enough. Ain’t no river wide enough. Ain’t no prison secure enough – to keep me from getting back to you my little princess…even if they locked me in a cage for 3 years, I will celebrate this day like a holiday behind these dungeon walls. I will sing songs of praise and worship thanking the heavenly Father for giving me the opportunity to witness His glory and thank God for the privilege of having a daughter so intelligent, beautiful and kind as you. This will be the last birthday I spend without you. I can’t say too much but what I can say is…Daddy’s finally coming home! Happy Birthday baby girl. I haven’t seen you in a decade. But I’ll spend the rest of our lives being the father and man of God you always needed me to be. That’s a promise that God made to me and one thing about God baby, He NEVER breaks a promise! See you REALLY soon my Marley Bean!!! Love Your one & ONLY Daddy. KEVIN MCCALL &MARLEY MCCALL 4EVER”


The post Eva Marcille, Michael Sterling, and Kevin McCall’s Custody Battle Resurfaces on Daughter’s Birthday first appeared on The Source.

The post Eva Marcille, Michael Sterling, and Kevin McCall’s Custody Battle Resurfaces on Daughter’s Birthday appeared first on The Source.

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