April 13, 2024

Judge Mathis is not here for how Black comedians have been at each other’s necks lately. The TV star sent a clear message on Friday: take the beef out of the public eye for the sake of all Black people!

Judge Mathis Urges Black Comedians To Settle Disputes Privately

In a video on his Instagram page, Judge Greg Mathis got straight to the point. However, he didn’t call out anyone specifically.

“I wanna appeal to our comedians to stop going after each other in public like this. You’re embarrassing yourselves, you’re embarrassing our community. I know many times you have to defend yourself about what’s being said, but why can’t you do it directly?”

He added that he thinks the Black community is “being laughed at” and that big-name Hollywood executives are eating up the public beef.

“You don’t see this in other communities. That’s why I say you’re hurting yourselves, and you’re hurting our community and you’re hurting the young people who are looking, and want to learn and need to learn how to resolve disputes in a better way.” 

As the minute-long clip continued, Mathis addressed what some might call his hypocrisy, given his blowouts on his court television show.

“I’m no saint, I’m guilty of having temper issues from time to time on my show. That’s entertainment. You guys say what you want as part of your entertainment, but don’t go out your way and personally attack each other, particularly your families. I appeal to you for that. Let’s not turn on each other, let’s turn toward each other.”

Watch Judge Mathis’ full plea below.

Black Comedians Have Been Sounding Off All 2024

As previously reported, Mo’Nique is the latest comedian to shake the table in a viral interview with Shannon Sharpe. This is the second time in recent weeks that Shannon’s podcast, ‘Club Shay Shay’ has gone viral for its interviewee.

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After D.L. Hughley clapped back at Mo’Nique online, Mo also took to social media to clarify some of her statements about their contract and Hughley’s daughter’s alleged sexual assault.

“D.L. Hughley, that’s your conscience talking to you, brother; I never said that,” Mo’Nique shot back. And I want to be clear about something else. Never would I try to do anything to harm any of your babies because we got babies, too. However, what I was saying to your daughter — and to the other daughters out there — I know what it’s like for your daddy to know you’ve been touched and he not protect you.”

As Judge Mathis indicated, the public topics are obviously getting extra personal!

We must note, however, that Katt Williams also had the innanet on FIRE last month with his steamy expose comments. And it all began, like Mo’Nique, with a ‘Club Shay Shay’ interview.

Katt’s interview continued to trend as comedians like Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Tiffany Haddish, Dave Chappelle, Marlon Wayans, and more weighed in on his alleged experiences and comments.

Amid the media and social frenzy, Shannon Sharpe responded to criticisms over conducting Williams’ polarizing sit-down. The former pro athlete clarified that he wasn’t a journalist, just a man with a mic and a platform.

“You decide — who do you agree with? It’s not my decision to make! I never said I was a journalist!” Sharpe said. “I never professed to be a journalist! I’m an entertainer. If you want hard-hitting questions, ’60 Minutes’ is the platform for you. ‘Dateline.’ ’48 Hours.’ Go to Lester Holt. Go to someone that does that.”

Shannon Sharpe responds to the criticism after his podcast with Katt Williams goes viral pic.twitter.com/CkV4pW8rAR

— Akademiks TV (@AkademiksTV) January 5, 2024

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