April 16, 2024

While La La Anthony is no stranger to acting, performing more intimate scenes was new for her when she signed on for STARZ’s hit series, ‘Power.’

The 41-year-old has since returned to play Markaisha in the spin-off series, ‘BMF,’ where she continues to showcase her acting skills in a handful of raunchy scenes.

La La Gets Candid About Her Steamy Scenes

It’s fair to assume that acting while naked can be intimidating. However, La La seems to have found a way to maintain her comfort during scenes that could potentially make her feel vulnerable.

In a new interview with VIBE, the TV host-turned-actress shared, “I prefer to watch it by myself and not in front of a group of people. I like to make sure things are how I want them to be. That’s just my process.”

While perhaps crucial to the narrative and character development, these scenes can often be difficult to perform and even more uncomfortable to watch with others, especially family.

We don’t blame her for not wanting to watch those scenes back with loved ones around, particularly her 16-year-old son, Kiyan Anthony — talk about awkward.

But she emphasizes that, at the end of the day, it’s just acting. She takes herself out of the equation and focuses on the dynamics of her character. This level of detachment has seemingly allowed her to do justice to her role without letting other people’s opinions bother her.

When LaLa had those cheeks out #BMF pic.twitter.com/1X0spbxcWT

— James Carter, FBI (@thechosenbeard_) March 3, 2023

Aye man…when LaLa dropped that robe #BMF pic.twitter.com/0gC51dk8bA

— Congratulations or sorry that happened (@K_Marcel_) March 4, 2023

LaLa did look good coming up out of that robe I can’t front #BMF pic.twitter.com/cp7AxVxFGB

— JJ.eth (@jjrichardson_) March 3, 2023

La La Shares Her Family’s Reaction

“My family is with all of it,” La La continued. Even with her son, she’s never had to worry about their reactions because they understand it’s just acting.

“I was never worried about that, but you have to be vulnerable of course. And for me, as a woman, we all have our insecurities, so baring it all can be a bit of an uncomfortable thing,” she added.

The New York native consciously avoids looking at social media platforms like Instagram or X after her performances, knowing very well that everyone will have an opinion, regardless of good or bad.

“I don’t really look at social media, Instagram or Twitter after because I know it’s going to be a lot going on,” she added.

She also credited her ‘BMF’ co-star Da’Vinchi for easing her into the scenes that require nudity, saying that it’s all about being comfortable with the person you’re getting intimate with — on camera, at least.

“You work with so many amazing people that make those scenes comfortable. When Da’Vinchi and I have to do that, he makes everything very comfortable and makes me feel seen and protected. So that’s always important in those scenes.”

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