April 13, 2024

Lil Wayne has shared an interesting theory about why he believes people tend to “hate” on Drake.

During a recent episode of ‘The Richard Sherman Podcast,’ Wayne shared his belief that the animosity towards his protégé is supposedly rooted in colorist history.

Lil Wayne Speaks On The Drake Hate Train

While conversing with NFL star Richard Sherman, Weezy shed light on his talent-scouting abilities.

Roomies, in case you forgot, Wayne helped foster a string of successful Hip Hop stars throughout his career. Aside from Drake, he’s also responsible for signing the likes of Tyga and Nicki Minaj, to name a few. Wayne says that his formative years around his mentor, Birdman, played a significant role in shaping those scouting skills.

That’s when the conversation turned to Drake over the supposed negativity he tends to receive from people.

In Wayne’s eyes, he asserts that Drizzy’s light skin color naturally attracts hate.

The ‘A Milli’ hitmaker backed up his theory through his own life experiences.

He confessed to his past resentment towards light-skinned individuals, which he viewed as a reflection of broader American history.

“He red, he light-skinned,” Wayne said in response to why Drake gets hated on. “That’s just American history. How I know is, because I’m not light-skinned. I hated on all light-skinned dudes in school. So yeah, it’s American history, man.”

The Rapper Recently Compared Himself To Lebron James

Weezy’s thoughts on the negativity surrounding Drake come just weeks after the 41-year-old called himself the rap version of NBA star Lebron James.

It’s no secret that James has earned an impressive portfolio of achievements, including four NBA championships, four MVP trophies, and 19 All-Star selections.

His journey from a rookie to a basketball icon mirrors Wayne’s progression in the music industry and parallels in terms of longevity. At least, according to the Grammy winner.

“I would say that I’m like a LeBron,” he said during a December 2023 interview with Bleacher Report. “I dropped my first solo album when I was 14, and that’s the same album I’m talking about that went platinum. And I’ve been doing this at this pace or higher ever since, just like him.”

“You remember Tom Brady, it was every year, even though he was winning the Super Bowl and all that, it still was, ‘Is this the year he’s gonna retire?’ We don’t even say that about LeBron, we don’t want you to retire.”

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