April 16, 2024

Roommates, it seems like DreamDoll had an unforgettable 32nd birthday! The ‘Ah Ah Ah’ rapper described it as her “best” one yet, and it looks like an international soccer player might have a lil’ something to do with it.

Happy Birthday Dream!

As mentioned, DreamDoll entered her 32nd chapter today (Feb. 28), and she took to Instagram with a preview of how it’s going so far. She shared a carousel post featuring pictures and videos, including her prancing around on a private yacht.

The living room setting inside the yacht featured birthday decorations such as pink and white balloons, her real name, Tabatha, spelled in letter balloons, and a colorful happy birthday sign.

As she danced around the room with a glass in hand, Dream smiled and announced it was her birthday. The 32-year-old wore a flowy, pink peach dress with beach curls. In additional photos, she switched up her outfit to a gold seashell bikini bra with a striped cream swimsuit cover-up.

DreamDoll Celebrates B-Day In Warm Embrace Of THIS Athlete

While some fans in her Instagram comment section are noting the sunny weather ‘fits and sending her birthday wishes, others definitely peeped the “mystery” man in her posts.

Well, The Shade Room did a lil’ digging and it looks like the man pictured in the third slide of her birthday post could be soccer player Quincy Promes. If it is, this is the first time he’s made an appearance on DreamDoll’s social profiles.

The rapper has been hush-hush about her love life in recent years. In 2021, she came out as bisexual on the first day of Pride Month (June). More than a year later, in December 2022, she revealed she prefers a private relationship during an appearance on TSR’s ‘Keep It 100.‘ The way she put it, she likes to “move like the president” when she’s dating.

“I don’t want to be attached to nobody. I’ve been there, done that… I like a really private life. Even if we go in a restaurant, there’s probably a third person there. Or if we go on a date, there’s probably a third person there — you might be the homie, you might be my friend, or whatever.”

Well, it looks like the Dream has decided to soften that boundary just a bit, given today’s baewatch sneak peek. The Shade Room also caught several of Dream’s posts from this past weekend, which shows her and her boo sitting across from each other at a restaurant.

Swipe below to peep the posts.

Harpo, Who Dis Man Dream Is With?

For those unfamiliar, Quincy Promes is an international soccer player and the CEO of the clothing brand MASK QP, per his Instagram bio. Like Dream Doll, he’s 32 as of Jan. 4.

According to CNN, he found success in the sport as a player for European clubs like Ajax and Sevilla. Quincy also previously played for the Netherlands at least 50 times.  However, his time with that team ended amid his alleged connection to a drug trafficking operation.

Last week, the Amsterdam District Court convicted him of drug trafficking, per AP. Promes was not present in court at the time it announced his six-year prison sentence. He was convicted of being involved in the import and export of nearly 3,000 pounds of cocaine from Brazil to Belgium in 2020.

“The suspect maintained a managerial role and was a financier. He worked calculatedly, was careful, and did not take too many risks. He did not get his own hands dirty. He let others do the dirty work,” Dutch prosecutors said in court earlier this month.

Promes has maintained his innocence and plans to appeal, according to a statement from his lawyer.

He currently plays for Spartak Moscow in the Russian Premier League. His contract is expected to run through the end of June 2024, but it’s unclear if his recent conviction in the Netherlands might have an impact.

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