April 16, 2024

R. Kelly hopped on Clubhouse to talk with Wack 100. Speaking on the raids of Diddy’s homes, Kelly provides a warning to those making jokes: “they ass could be next.”

“That’s what’s so fucked up about it,” R. Kelly said. “They so stupid they don’t even realize the moves that’s going on. I don’t believe none of this shit. You could tell me about Puffy, you could about anybody. You could tell me on the news, the weather, the sky is blue, I’m not gonna believe the shit. Cause I’m in it now, and I know what they did.”

You can hear from R. Kelly and Wack 100 below.

In other R. Kelly news, he is fighting to reclaim $28,000 confiscated from his prison commissary account, a sum seized and used as restitution for one of his victims. This development is part of the ongoing saga following Kelly’s high-profile legal troubles and subsequent incarceration.

According to reports from HipHopDX, which accessed court documents, a hearing concerning the dispute over the commissary funds was scheduled for Monday, March 18. The proceedings saw Assistant United States Attorney Kayla Bensing representing the interests of the United States against the embattled musician’s claims.

The roots of this financial conflict can be traced back to a series of court decisions aimed at compensating Kelly’s victims. In March 2023, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled in favor of Heather Williams, granting her access to R. Kelly’s label fund. This fund, reportedly valued at $1.5 million in 2020 according to Billboard, became a source of restitution before Midwest Commercial Funding, a property manager, secured a separate $3.5 million ruling against Kelly over unpaid rent for a Chicago studio.

In a significant move in August of the same year, U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly ordered that Kelly and his label, Universal Music Group, surrender more than $500,000 in royalties. This order also included the directive for Kelly to hand over the $28,000 in his prison canteen account, emphasizing the legal system’s efforts to ensure Kelly’s victims receive restitution.

The announcement of the livestream link for the hearing noted, “The defendant is appealing his conviction and the government’s seizure of his substantial Bureau of Prisons commissary account to satisfy the financial penalties imposed in the case.” It further stated that each side would be allotted ten minutes to present their arguments, underscoring the limited time frame to address such a complex issue.


The post R. Kelly Speaks on Diddy’s Situation from Prison: ‘I Don’t Believe None of This’ first appeared on The Source.

The post R. Kelly Speaks on Diddy’s Situation from Prison: ‘I Don’t Believe None of This’ appeared first on The Source.

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