April 13, 2024

Macy Gray’s daughter, Aanisah Hinds, has taken legal action against her brother, Tracy Melvin Hinds, alleging harassment and physical violence against their mother, the renowned alternative singer.

The incident came to light as Aanisah filed for a restraining order against her brother in Los Angeles, detailing a troubling altercation that occurred between Tracy and their mother. According to reports obtained by Page Six, the 29-year-old graphic designer asserted that Tracy not only threatened her but also engaged in physical violence against their famous mom.

The legal request, filed on Wednesday, underscores the severity of the situation, with Aanisah recounting the alleged altercation and the absence of video evidence leading to the authorities advising her to pursue a restraining order against her brother. The incident, reportedly taking place on a Saturday, has left Aanisah deeply concerned about her safety and that of her family.

What’s particularly alarming is Aanisah’s claim that Tracy’s abusive behavior surfaces “every time he drinks, normally monthly,” indicating a disturbing pattern of violence and intimidation. Moreover, with Aanisah expecting her first child in September, the fear of her brother’s potential actions has intensified, prompting her to seek legal protection and ensure her home remains a safe space.

The gravity of the situation is further underscored by Aanisah’s assertion that her mother shares her concerns, expressing a desire for Tracy’s removal from their lives. This troubling development sheds light on the emotional turmoil Macy Gray may be experiencing amidst the family discord.

In response to Aanisah’s plea for protection, the Los Angeles Superior Court has granted a temporary restraining order, offering a semblance of relief until the next court hearing scheduled for February 27. This legal intervention is a crucial step in safeguarding Aanisah, her mother, and their family from further harm and ensuring that Tracy is held accountable for his alleged actions.


The post Singer Macy Gray’s Son Accused Of Abusing His Mom first appeared on The Source.

The post Singer Macy Gray’s Son Accused Of Abusing His Mom appeared first on The Source.

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