April 13, 2024

So when you lose a civil trial, and you have to pay, but you want to file an appeal, you can’t just say let’s wait for the appeal, and I’ll pay later if I lose said appeal. You have to post a bond. Usually, it is for more than the total amount.

Now that we got that lament legal stuff out the way, Former President Donald Trump, who was Defendant Trump in this case, among others, just posted an enormous $91.63 million bond as he goes through the appeals process to challenge the civil judgment against him in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case, where she said he raped her years ago. A jury of Trump’s peers found that Trump sexually assaulted Carroll and ordered him to pay a few million bucks. Then Trump defamed Carroll AGAIN, and she won $83.3 million, ouch, in the judgment against the former president.

CNN reported, “The notice of Trump’s bond and appeal was made with the federal court in New York on Friday.”

So the insurance company Chubb, that’s their name, underwrote the bond for Trump. Like, they must think he’s good for it especially since he lost another New York civil trial for $454 million. Anyway, the former president signed on it Tuesday.

According to CNN, the bond terms are as follows: “Chubb will only secure the appeal of the $83.3 million judgment, not any future appeals. The bond size is greater than the judgment because the district court generally requires a party to post 110% of the bond.”

In Carroll’s case, like most civil cases that end with a significant monetary judgment against the defendant, Trump argued that the jury award was excessive and should be reduced. But Carroll’s highly talented lawyers argued that Trump should be hit with a big number in damages so that he actually stops defaming Carroll and, who knows, hopefully others.

Whelp, that’s how the cookie crumbles. 

The post Trump Posts Whopping Near $92 Million Bond in E. Jean Carroll Defamation Case first appeared on The Source.

The post Trump Posts Whopping Near $92 Million Bond in E. Jean Carroll Defamation Case appeared first on The Source.

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