April 13, 2024

Last week, BX drill rapper Key Glock was arrested on felony charges in Atlanta and the Glockoma rapper managed to capture the entire ordeal on live video.

On March 28, Key Glock, whose real name is Markeyvius Cathey, showed a live video of himself being arrested and placed in the back of a Atlanta Police squad car. The arresting officer informed Cathey that he would be only ticketed for marijuana possession, but that was only the beginning of his problems.

Key Glock arrest on felony charges in Atlanta captured on livestream pic.twitter.com/NLoXtFJzQR

— HipHopDX (@HipHopDX) March 31, 2024

“Just ‘cause of the smell of weed,” the cop said. “There was a little bit of weed in the car in the little bag from wings. But that’s just a ticket. Just a little like 3.5 [grams].”

Guns were found in the vehicle, which led to an investigation, uncovering two open warrants for the Paper Route Empire rapper. Glock was was subsequently booked on two felony charges for the open warrants.

The traffic stop was originally initiated for a tinted window violation.

“Cathey was arrested on March 28th during a traffic stop at the location of 1960 Piedmont Rd NE regarding an out of jurisdiction arrest warrant and possession of marijuana,” a statement issued by the Atlanta Police read. “The report detailing the arrest is still in the process of completion at this time.”

The post [WATCH] Key Glock Felony Arrest In Atlanta Caught On Livestream first appeared on The Source.

The post [WATCH] Key Glock Felony Arrest In Atlanta Caught On Livestream appeared first on The Source.

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