April 16, 2024

Social media users are sharing their reactions to photos from Odell Beckham Jr.‘s recent “date night” with his mother.

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Here’s Why The Photos Went Viral

On Wednesday, March 27, Beckham Jr. took to Instagram to share a carousel of photos. The caption for the post read, “Date night with Ma Dukes .”

In the first photo, Beckham Jr. and his mother had their backs to the camera — seemingly walking away — with their arms around one another. In the third photo, they appeared to be walking toward the camera.

In the flick, Beckham Jr. sported black cargo pants, a black graphic tee, and a hat. Meanwhile, his mother rocked leather pants, a green cargo jacket, and a green see-through bodysuit. Additionally, two lightning emojis were placed to cover her chest area.

The rest of the photos featured various shots of Beckham Jr. and his mother side-by-side. One picture even featured her posing next to Drake.

Check them out below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to the mother and son’s flicks.

Instagram user @mollymoll510 wrote, That’s an odd choice of a top to wear on date night with your son”
While Instagram user @515gmoney added, No f*c*ing way I’m hanging with my momma and her ( . ) ( . ) out”
Instagram user @msmywalkismean wrote, Nips out with your son next to you is crazy work!”

While Instagram user @chris.christo added, That’s his mother… So at the end of the day, the day is over.”

Instagram user @idreamof_leelee wrote,Yall mamas boys be too in love with ya mama. Tell dukes to go chang”
While Instagram user @sil.orsini added,Why his moms showing her chocolate chips through the sheer top ?”
Instagram user @stonichilds wrote,His mom is really pretty but that top is really inappropriate ”
While Instagram user @aguidace added, broke my ankle sprinting to the comments”
Instagram user @prettyjamaicapunk wrote, This is the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY THAT WE HAVE EVERYONE IN THE COMMENTS ON THE SAME PAGE!”

Odell Beckham Jr. Hasn’t Shared Updates About Any Other Speculated Date Nights

Beckham Jr. appeared eager to share photos from his date night with his mother. However, he hasn’t publicly opened up about any other speculated date nights he may have attended.

As The Shade Room previously reported, in early February, Beckham Jr. sparked dating rumors after he was spotted arriving at the Wynn Tower Suites in Las Vegas with Kim Kardashian.

Then, earlier this month, the pair were spotted seemingly getting touchy-feely at an afterparty for the Academy Awards.

To date, neither Beckhman Jr. nor Kardashian have publicly addressed the dating speculation surrounding them.

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